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The date above is only the day this page was created. As long as the twitter feed to the right is up to date, so is the information contained on this page!

Welcome to “The IndyCar Blogs”! The community hub to find anything IndyCar blog related. Currently, there are over 20 active blogs that post on a nearly weekly basis and every single one of them is worth your click. These pages are home to differing amounts of thoughtful IndyCar insight, dusty back road historical information and independently written and reported news.

Check out the new guys, they need feedback! The semi-active bloggers are very skilled themselves; some of the best original content is hidden within these pages. And for all of your other independent motorsport needs, give the general bloggers a click!

There is one blog based in the United Kingdom, one from Colombia, one from the Netherlands, one from Brazil, one from Argentina with the remaining written right here in the US. A truly international group!

Don’t forget to take a walk down memory lane and check out the retiree section!

If you are not included, not followed by me on twitter and you run or have ran an IndyCar blog, or if you feel your work is misclassified please do not hesitate to let me know so I can make the correction!! Don’t forget to share and comment!!

Active IndyCar Bloggers (The born-on-date is a link to each blog’s “Hello World” post. If there is no link associated with the date, I could not find a decisive first post.)

15 Days in May

Disciple of INDYCAR Weblog

First Super Speedway

For The Love of Indy

IndyCar Minnesota

IndyCar Mom (Multiple Writers)

IndyCar UK (Multiple Writers)

New Track Record


Open Wheel America

Open Wheel World (Multiple Writers) (English, Dutch, German)


New Guys

321 IndyCar Kids

Center of Pressure

Immortal IndyCar

IndyCar Stats

Motorsports by Mitch (IndyCar heavy with a bit of F1 sprinkled in.)

Next Gen Indy

Open Wheel Now

The Open Wheel

The Set Up Sheet


Semi-Active Bloggers

16th and Georgetown

… And He’s on It


Flat Into One

Ground(ed) Effects

I Kissed The Bricks

Indy In May

Indy Oval (Formerly IndyCar Garage)

Indy Racing Fan

IndyCar Garage (Under New Managment)

IndyCar Puerto Rico

IndyCar Sponsors

Indy Race Place

Indy Soup

JP’s IndyCar Blog

Scoring Indy

So… Here’s What I’m Thinking…

Sticker Reds

Switching Gears: A Unique Look at the IndyCar Series

The Back Marker Blog

Through The Turbulence

The Race gIRL

Wide Open Wheel


General Motorsports Bloggers (Independent general motorsport writers and teams who regularly post about IndyCar)

Dominik Wilde Motorsport (Main page link; no IndyCar tag)

I Watch Too Much Racing (Direct link to IndyCar tag)

More Than A Fan (Direct link to IndyCar tag)

Motor Sport Talk (Direct link to IndyCar tag. I know this is a for-profit website, however Chris Estrada is a legacy blogger who appears on the retired list and Tony DiZinno works harder than all of us put together. Plus they have very “blogger-y” commentary. You’ll like it, I promise)

No Fenders (Direct link to IndyCar tag)

Old Racing Cars  (Direct link to Indy tag)

Open Paddock (Direct link to IndyCar tag)

Pressdog (Direct link to IndyCar tag)

Queers 4 Gears (Direct link to IndyCar tag)

Race Review Online (Direct link to IndyCar tag)

Triple League Racing (Direct link to IndyCar tag)


South American Guys

Indy Center Brazil (Portuguese)

IndyCar al dia (Spanish)

Mundo Automovilistico IndyCar (Spanish)

Mundo Automovilistico Indy Lights (Spanish) (Indy Lights)


Retired Bloggers/ Abandoned Blogs

11 Rows of 3 (10/10/2012) (David is now the webmaster of

500 Miles (1/16/2013)

Across The Bricks (5/6/2013)

Drive Hard, Turn Left (RIP)

Fantastic Network (RIP)

Indy Racing Revolution (7/18/13) (Chris is now writing for Motor Sport Talk. Blog seems to now be in the hands of a third party)

Indy Trackside (RIP)

IndyCar Advocate (4/22/14)

IndyCar Black and White (5/3/2013)


Is It May Yet? (8/14/2011)

IRL Blog (RIP)

Johnson’s Indy 500 (5/10/11) (Not a blog in the traditional sense. More of a repository for statistical awesomeness)

Make It Go Faster (4/11/2013)

More Front Wing (10/15/14) (Formerly Planet IRL)

My Name Is IRL (12/6/2010)

On The Limit Blog (3/17/2014)

One Lap Down (RIP) (Found home on, now lost. Written by Jeff from My Name Is IRL)

Open Wheel America (1/26/2011) (Original Home)

Open Wheels (RIP)

Oval Operations (RIP)

Pop-Off Valve (9/16/2012)

Planet IRL (RIP)

Racemind (6/6/2011)

Racing Mania (3/12/2013)

Racing Press (9/20/2013)

The Backmarker Blog (9/24/2011) (Original home)

The Chrome Horn (7/18/2013)

The Darkened Tower (RIP) (Found home on, now lost. Written by Roy from The Silent Pagoda)

The Drunk Chicane (RIP)

The Indy Idea (7/27/2010)

The Other Side (12/16/2010)

The Silent Pagoda (11/3/2010) (Originally appeared on Roy graciously archived his work here)

The SpeedGeek’s Motorsports Blog (1/10/2011)

The Speedway Gay (RIP) (All content has been deleted)

Up in the Marbles (2/2/2011)

ChampCar and CART Blogs

Champ Car Rant (12/25/08)



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